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As per the reports says Kerala and Tamil Nadu have the best place to watch the annular solar eclipse on 26th December. Cheruvathur, a small place in Kozhikode (Dist.), Kerala, India is the ideal place to watch the solar eclipse. The time for the solar eclipse is from 8.17 am to 10.57 am. In India, ..Read More

By r vb (student)


How many eclipses are going to take place in 2019?

Ramesh Kumar Marketing Manager | Posted 20 Jan, 2019

With the beginning of 2019, the movements of planets and stars have also begun to change. This year’s first Solar Eclipse was on 6th January.Let’s start with explaining what an eclipse actually is, according to Astrology: An eclipse is something which is associated the negative notions of spot or blot. Even a... Read More

By पंडित दयाराम शर्मा (Astrologer,Shiv shakti Jyotish Kendra)

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