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All things considered, I am such an Indian who never gets up early even on fifteenth August(Independence day) or on 26th January(Republic Day). I don't guarantee myself an energetic. Yet at the same time I am composing this answer for India when nearly my entire nation is questioning its capacity to ..Read More

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what is passport?

sita patil digital marketer | Posted 07 Jul, 2020

An identification is an Official travel record, generally given by an administration to its residents, that confirms the character and nationality of its holder , typically required with the end goal of universal travel. Identification is required while applying for VISA.... ..Read More

By Ashar Siddiqui (@letsuser)

Yes! Cricket is given more importance than any other sport and often considered as one of the religions in India. Is it right? Why do ppl prefer cricket than other sport? Because the growth of cricket started in the 90s. Even hockey is in... Read More

By piyush agraval (Blogger)

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