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What is the role of nutrition in a healthy lifestyle?

Naveen Kumar Search Engine Optimizer (SEO) at Neo Strive | Posted 19 Oct, 2018

If you are not eating healthy, chances are you are not at your best state of life. If you are not at best state of your life, how can you expect to take the best out of you? You would not give the best of your capabilities. ..Read More

By Ali Abbas (Blogger)


What are some hair trends for 2018?

Rinki Singh Chef at Hotel Radisson | Updated 27 Jul, 2018

2018 will be seeing many new and old hair trends. Some are like a breath of fresh air, while others are a nostalgic visit to the yester years. Nevertheless, this year is the time to be daring and try out a new hairstyle to jazz up your over all look. ·         Long and asymmetrical bobs are the talk of the town. Anything that looks effortlessly... Read More

By Priya Gupta (Working with holistic nutrition..)

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