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As indicated by my feeling, the characteristics of a ladies like graciousness, genuineness and so forth and so on are the characteristics that an individual ought to consistently have. There are a few characteristics that are explicit to ladies and they are as per the following : She shoul ..Read More

By Post sttuffonix (Blogger)


5 Things Successful People Never Say

Prince Sen Blogger | Posted 28 May, 2020

The thinking approach, words and behaviors have crucial impact on the success of people. It's thinking and imagination that enrich people with enthusiasm or disappointment. Some of the words and behaviors are discussed as follows.1. I can't do this   A successful person hates this sentence. He does not keep these words in his dictionary. Because he will... Read More

By MUHAMMAD USMAN SARWAR (writer & researcher)

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Why 2020 Could Be A Great Year For Forex Beginners

Rony Khan Trading Specialist | Posted 17 Jan, 2020

If you have been thinking about starting to trade in the Forex market then you would do well to avoid the 'annus horribilis' that have been 2019. It was the nasty word 'b' we're all sick of hearing about the mess has been caused in terms of the strength of the GBP, in foreign shores we have t ..Read More

By Rimon Hossain (Trading Journalist)