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What is rainwater harvesting in India?

Arjun S Blogger | Posted 24 Oct, 2019

In today's world, the use of water is becoming highly used in the field of home, agriculture and trade. Now, even in most rural areas, the water level has started to decrease under the soil even after excessive borewells are installed and in some places many borewells have also been closed. In such a situation, we... Read More

By Chhavi Tyagi (digital marketer)

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The well-being of rural areas ensures sustainable development. The effective collaboration at the local level helps any organisation to bring transformation in the lives of villages. Rural development should be an inclusive approach that trickles down to five major areas of development namely: — w ..Read More

By Arjun S (Blogger)

Corporate social responsibility in India is an issue taken seriously by Hindustan Coca-Cola. The reason? It’s more than just giving back to the community. HCCB believes that it is part of the community and must responsibility contribute to it. There is a need to enrich the lives of the people they ..Read More

By Arjun S (Blogger)

Sustainable development in India is a concept where the nation can grow and develop, with a low carbon footprint. A nation that develops will have some pollution. However, by takin ..Read More

By Arjun S (Blogger)