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As the year comes to an end, families and friends plan to celebrate it with a grand carousel. They travel places to commemorate the New Year celebrations. To make it hassle-free, Exciting Ranthambore New Year Packages like Regenta Vanya Mahal Ranthambore for the most unforgettable experience. Our packages includes welcome drink on arrival, gala dinner... Read More

By Aditi Sharma (Employee)

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The United Kingdom is a combined country of England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. If you are planning to visit the United Kingdom and don’t really know the best place to travel then you have come to the best place. Some... Read More

By Tel Japan (Travel Agency)

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Best Places to Travel in 2018?

Shivam Khandelwal Travel Consultant at Musafir | Posted 03 Nov, 2018

Traveling is a moment of life that should be memorable. So why not pick the best ones? Based on the annual rankings published by US News and World Report, 30 remarkable destinations are listed below which remain unparalleled in their culture, traditional and natural attractions. Here we go: ... Read More

By Nandini Moulik (CHIEF EXECUTIVE, Creativekart, Experienced writer, blogger)

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You should absolutely not forget to tip a waiter while visiting the USA. Do not neglect to tip when you eat in a restaurant or catch a taxi. If your country doesn’t have a tipping practice, the US does, and it’s regarded very rude to stiff a waitress who works on a tipping wage because that’s ..Read More

By Naheed Mir (Owner & CEO)