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Most people, after returning from office or market, enter the house without taking off shoes or slippers or walking around the house wearing them. Walking in the house wearing shoes and slippers is not only scientifically wrong but is also inauspicious in religious terms. Wearing shoes indoors in Hinduism is considered wrong. According to the scriptures, a... Read More

By Shikha Kudesia (Content writer and teacher also)

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Those who believe in Vastu Shastra take care of each and every minute detail while the construction of their houses. Same is the case with the gate of the house, for which the material, color, direction, etc., are decided according to Vastu Shastra. It is said that if the gate of your house is not ..Read More

By पंडित दयाराम शर्मा (Astrologer,Shiv shakti Jyotish Kendra)