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When you can’t follow a strict diet, choosing the right drink can do wonders for you and will help you lose weight.   1. Drink more water Your 70% body is almost made up of water and when you drink enough water that helps you in losing more weight that you are actually losing.   2. Vegetable Soups Having Vegetable soups daily is the excellent way... Read More

By Priya Gupta (Working with holistic nutrition..)

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What happens when you drink 2 liters of water everyday?

Medha Kapoor B.A. (Journalism & Mass Communication) | Updated 13 Aug, 2018

We all have, every now and then heard of the phrase, “water is the magical potion that will solve all your problems”. For many of us, remembering to have enough water intake on a daily basis can be a difficult task. In such a case, reminding yourself of its benefits can help mot ..Read More

By Rukshara Rathore (Writer)

Imagine being a full-time mother who has low maintenance employment and setting aside a few minutes to practice or get ready more advantageous dinners for yourself. It nearly sounds inconceivable. There are loads of individuals like this who just can not seem to locate a solitary n= minute in their ..Read More

By ketobodytone diet ()

Aloe Vera juice is mainly used in many skin care products, but this natural juice also helps in controlling blood sugar levels and boosts the metabolism rate that helps in digestion and you burn extra calories and fat.Basically, aloe vera juice contains aloin, a potent natural laxative. This natural laxative may not help in fat loss but reduces water... Read More

By Priya Gupta (Working with holistic nutrition..)

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