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Five Ways Workplaces Will Change For The Better In 2019


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The corporate and startup world has taken a big shift in recent times. Trends are changing. And a lot more changes are expected in 2019.

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Here are five ways workplaces will change for the better in 2019:

(i) Work From Home to become a better option

Gone are the days when you would have to send work from home application to the fuming boss or manager. Many of today's companies are offering a flexible proposition for employees to work from the comfort of their home. And why not really! The option, if possible for the designation or role, is much more time-effective, convenient and highly productive.

(ii) More Gen Zs going the workforce

It's been a while that the workforce, on average, every year, is getting younger. This trend will continue and dominate 2019 with more Gen Z joining the workplace. Generation Z is the successor to the millennials, born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s. So, this year, the workplaces will get younger, exuding much more energy and fresh ideas.

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(iii) More diversity 

This year, the employers will go out of their way to add diversity to their workforce with higher inclusivity of people from different under-represented sections.

While this can be contended with the same arguments used against reservation, I believe this is a much-needed change to maintain a balance in the nationwide workforce.

(iv) Data will be the center of every decision

Data is already a big part of the corporate world. However, in 2019, even SMEs will get obsessed with data and analytics. And this, not necessarily just to make the right business decision but also for effective human resource management. This would also push the demand for data-related job profiles much higher. And then, of course, companies will collect more of consumer data -- and the debate for stringent data policy will rage high across the world.

(v) Contracting employees

With the young population taking over the workforce, the way "jobs" are traditionally seen is fast changing. No more are the young professionals looking for a permanent job and higher security. They are fine taking risks, changing companies, experiencing newer roles and taking better opportunities. This has paved way to the gig economy, where individuals work on a short-term contract. Many companies will steer the way they hire employees. A large part of their workforce will be contractual.

These are five ways workplaces will change for the better in 2019.

Indeed, there would be a lot more big and small changes. But these are the ones that I am looking forward to. 


Software Developer. | Posted on

I will tell you only one way and it is the most effective way of all time. Do something which you really really love. Ask yourself what you like to do and can you be happy while doing it, always be true to yourself while asking this question and you will always choose the best workplace/ work. Remember its never too late to start something.


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