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Suraj Singh

Digital Marketing Executive | Posted 12 Apr, 2019 |

Have you Website designing tip and trick and useful website for learning?

Redial Solutions

Digital Marketing Company | Posted 25 Feb, 2020

Web designing is a very creative field. Your website must be nit and clean and also looks attractive. You use good typography with the best color combination and looks different from another website. There are numbers of tips and tricks to create an attractive and user-friendly website some of them are as follow:

1. Make sure your text easy to read and looks greats.

2.when create a website to pay attention to trends.

3. Optimize your content to easy to read.

4.place button where the action happens.

5. The footer should impressive and important link, details in the footer.

6. Avoid unnecessary Sliders, Tabs, Accordions, and Carousels.

7. Use the Right List Order.

8. Reduce the loading speed of the website.

9.Reduce choices to improve conversions

10. To make your website more attractive use social proof.


|Updated 04 Sep, 2019

Yes, I have tips for you

  1. please ignore to make the single-page website try to make multiple pages website.
  2. Make Sure your header Should be neet and clean or Arrange your Manu or sub-menu in a particular way.
  3. use some Slider for your main page to look attractive.
  4. and your footer should be impressive and put all your details on it. 

You can get Website Designing Tips and how to plan for a website.

also, you can learn HTML Coding From W3school

Shivani Bisht

Blogger | Posted 13 Apr, 2019

Am Giving you some tips
Don't put too much on the same page/screen.
Make your menu/site navigation prominent, and simple.
Make your buttons stand out. They're where the action happens.

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