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How do I use Internet wisely?


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Whether you are a student or an adult, in this electronic and post technological age, surviving without internet is almost impossible.

People have even started self-learning things and skills themselves with the help of internet. And not to mention, there are people who are using the same for things like Tik Tok and Snapchat.
You see? There’s a difference in using the internet wisely and unwisely. You can use it for the research work and you can also use it for time pass, chat, and well, things like watching ****.

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We, however, are talking here about using the internet wisely. So be it.

To do it, you first have to figure out what’s right for you and what exactly do you want from the internet. Embrace Google as it has everything. That’s a disadvantage also as the articles and sites that are shown in the results sometimes have incorrect and inauthentic information. And here comes the part where you actually have to be wise enough to select your source of information.

For those who research a lot, Britannica, Project Guttenberg, etc. give authentic information. Avoid using Wikipedia as it can be edited by anyone. Don’t be satisfied just by the searches of the first page of Google. Surf up till 2nd or 3rd page at least so that you don’t end up using the same info as your other mates and friends. Extra info will also give an edge to your knowledge.

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Then there is YouTube which is regarded as a great teacher today. You can find any tutorial video there. From how to prepare a certain dish to how to play guitar or keyboard. It’s a great source of entertainment as well.

There are many informative blogs and forums which can be subscribed so that you are notified about the recent happenings around the globe as quick as possible.


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