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Sneha Bhatiya

Student ( Makhan Lal Chaturvedi University ,Bhopal) | Posted on | others

How does paid media fool us?


Student | Posted on

Letsdiskuss The fourth pillar of India's democracy after Legislature,Executive and Judiciary happens to be the Media.
However, media today isn't just about printing or broadcasting of news as it happens.
It is all about fiction, political shelter, underworld money and of course playing with people's mandate.
Paid media is owned by corporate houses, who in turn make sure that the government which comes into power is of their liking. This is for of course reasons that all the policies formed at the centre would be inclined towards them and will favour them in some sort or the other.
Paid media tries to run government agenda all the day while hiding some really important news behind the garb of the government-sponsored news.
Paid media does not wish to question the political leaders for their shortcomings.
Instead they try to hype it so much so that there is a bubble created around these leaders that if not voted for them, the country would be in hands of thieves while in reality they themselves are.
The paid media houses try to weaken the opposition and criticise them for their speeches and allegations as if they are the official spokespersons of BJP.
Other than that, every possible act of freedom of speech undertaken by any of  their employees is curbed and they are forced to leave the organisation or change their political views and stop criticing the government.
All-in-all I would suggest its just 2 months for the elections in the country. Try not to form an opinion based on what you see on the TV.
Make a note of the promises fulfilled, basic necessities such as emplyment,inflation,security taken care of and then decide whom to cast your vote to.


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