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Ankit Pandey

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How I get rid of emotions


creative writer/ poet | Posted on

On the very first note, I personally do not agree with the question itself. Actually, we never need to get rid of our emotions. We need to channelize them and have control over them. The only thing that is needed is that we should over power our emotions and should not let our emotions over power us in any situation.

Now, the question comes, HOW? We are a social being and are tied together in the bonds of relations with everyone around us, be it a formal relation or an informal relation. These relations are attached with a number of emotions in us. In the good olden days, people used to have relations that were true and full of love. In those relations people used to feel strong emotionally as the relation empowered them. Nowadays, relations are very practical and have become a give and take business leaving no space for emotions. We, as humans, need emotional strength as well to grow 100% in our life.


It is a fact that we cannot change the whole world, but it is also true that we can work on ourselves as much as we want. To control our emotions one simple rule is high intention, and low attachment. The Geeta, our holy scripture also explained the same. We should give our best with high intention of giving and lowest attachment of getting something as a reward.

The next most important thing in upbringing your emotions is quality time spent with yourself. If these are really your emotions, how can anybody else control them? Have space and free time for your own self. Talk to yourself, pamper yourself and love yourself.

Third thing that you can do to have full control over your emotions is meditation. Meditation brings your inner power to your knowledge, and helps you remain calm and controlled in unfavorable situations.

So the point is, we do not need to get rid of emotions otherwise we will fail as a human. We just have to use them wisely and live a happy life.  


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