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Sneha Bhatiya

Student ( Makhan Lal Chaturvedi University ,Bhopal) | Posted on | Education

How to become a good writer?


Writer | Posted on

If you want to be a good content writer, then you have to improve your writing skills and you have to learn SEO. When you are writing content, you have to keep in mind that you have to earn traffic through your content. So you have to write proper SEO optimized Content. Always try to write in your own words. Don’t copy or rewrite information from any 3rd party website.

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Content Writer | Posted on

We all are writers, the creator of our own stories deep inside. We just need to ignite that light and illuminate the darkened corner inside our heart where the writer is hiding. To become a writer, we just need to discover the special qualities that are already within us.

It’s a common observation that people always want to tell their stories rather than listening to the stories of others. But to become a good storyteller or writer, you first need to become a good listener. Not only this, you need to observe and learn about nature and surroundings as much as possible.

Be a voracious reader. Always keep reading something or the other. It is said if you read 1000 words then you are able to learn 100 f them. It’s necessary to have thoughts, feelings, and emotions inside you if you want to express them.

Have a good, intellectual company hich can help you grow in moire than one way.

You should be well-acquainted with the subject you are planning to write on. Read and research about it thoroughly.

Apart from all this, there I one more thing which needs to be kept in mind. We all have certain knowledge and experience, but we all cannot express them properly. That only a writer can do. A person who is capable of taking care of the formal aspects of a story or a poem, blending it intricately with the emotions, the knowledge, the experience, is called a writer.

There are to types of writers, the ones who read a lot, and the ones who write a lot.
To conclude, a good writer is the one who can play with words like a sorcerer conjuring a ghost. A good writer knows how to give voice to the unspoken, and light to the unseen. He can write all your feelings for you as if it was his own.

(Translated from Hindi by Meetali)