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Aayushi Sharma

Content Coordinator | Posted on | Food-Cooking

How to make Rum Cake?



Christmas means festivities with cakes, which stretch on till New Year. Among all the type of cakes that are prepared around Christmas, Rum Cake is one of the most desired and wanted ones.

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Much to everyone’s delight, there is an easy way to prepare this delicious delicacy at home itself. Here’s how:


• Semolina: 1 ½ cup
• Salt: ½ teaspoon
• Baking Powder: 1 tablespoon
• Butter: ½ tablespoon
• Brown Sugar (filtered): 130 grams
• Eggs: 3
• Vanilla Essence: ½ tablespoon
• Cardamom Powder: ½ tablespoon
• Cinnamon Powder: ½ tablespoon
• Honey: 1 tablespoon
• Fruit Jam: 1 tablespoon
• Dried Fruits (soaked in rum and orange juice): ½ kilograms


• Mix semolina, salt, and baking powder in a bowl, and filter the mixture.

• Beat the butter in a utensil and add brown sugar to it. Mix well.

• Mix eggs in the butter and sugar, and stir. Beat and stir every time you add something to the mixture.

• Now add the semolina mixture and keep stirring. Also add cardamom powder, cinnamon powder, vanilla essence, honey, and jam, and keep stirring.

• Add the soaked dried fruits in the last and stir properly.

• Pour the cake batter in a greased cake tin.

• Preheat the oven to 180 Celsius and bake the cake for around 40 minutes.

• Take it out from the cake tin and cut it into pieces to serve.


Blogger | Posted on

think carefully. OF COURSE IT WILL. you chow down 2 or 3 of those terrible young men and you will bomb a breathlyzer test. you will be to tanked on nourishment to drive. you may battle the water radiator, ***** rum cake is famously capricious. its the tequilla of cakes. so get it away from the children table, except if you need a failed multi year old give an over the top bitchfest about the plot openings on Dora the Explorer. he will make valid statements, however my god, the language.

so as a boost, eat capably, and make sure to drink enough alcohol to suffocate the nourishment. anything 90 proof and up will do.

*mouthfull of rum cake 8*


@letsuser | Posted on

The customary rum doused cake is known as a Rum Baba, it is an uncooked exertion that is then absorbed a sugar and rum syrup. Yet, you can make pretty much any cake formula rum splashed. Bubble up a balance of sugar and water, maybe with some cinammon stick, cloves or other appropriate flavors. Expel these from the warm syrup after they have mixed. At that point include your rum. Still need the liquor, simply add it to the warm syrup and it is prepared for use. Need to be freed of it, bubble up the syrup for a couple of minutes and the holy messengers will deal with the liquor for you. Take your cake from the broiler and spike it done with a long cooking needle, at that point delicately spoon the syrup over. The warm cake will splash up the syrup and you have a rum doused cake. Don't over do it as absolutely with a wipe cake, it will break up, with a nutty surprise you have significantly more resilience.


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