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Pankaj Dubey

@letsuser | Posted 06 Jun, 2018 |

Is India ready for simultaneous Lok Sabha and state assembly elections?

Preeti Taneja

Entrepreneur | Posted 06 Jun, 2018

The idea of #OneNationOnePoll – or simultaneous elections in India – seems quite ideating and fitting for a large nation like ours. However, as noble as that idea is, on way there lies plenty of challenges. And in a country where political dissent exists in every corner, these challenges are too big.

(i)  Synchronizing elections is difficult: If we do go about in this direction, the first obstacle is syncing all the central and state-level elections, which could take about 4 years from now. Like, in 2019, during Lok Sabha, the tenure of few states would have to extend, and others would have to be curtailed short. Now, do you really think the state governments and oppositions would agree to have the tenure extended or shortened by 2 years?! Sounds impossible. (Source)

(ii)  Chances of mass malpractice: Election commission of India is already under pressure of allegedly favoring a select party. The EVM machines used in polls are highly questionable. If we go on polls in center and state level together, if the system is compromised right now, there’s a high chance of mass malpractice.

(iii)  Poor management of elections: Election commission of India is insufficiently capable of managing elections. Even with all the regulations and rules, political parties flaunt them openly. And EC does nothing but stand as a stooge. If all states and the center goes on the poll together, given just how troublesome polls are in many states courtesy of rogue parties and candidates, handling everything at the same time would be virtually impossible.

In short, holding simultaneous elections in India as of yet is not possible. And India isn't ready for it.