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Sarah Taylor

@letsuser | Posted 02 Aug, 2018 |

Is it true that we can lose 1kg per day without any diet or exercise?

Priya Gupta

Working with holistic nutrition.. | Posted 02 Aug, 2018

I know it’s unbelievable. People who sacrifice their sleep to go on long walks and gym, and those who give up their favorite dishes just to get rid of extra Kgs can’t be mad. But it turns out that there has been discovered a way which helps you melt away approximately 1kg of your fat daily without dieting or putting yourself through tough exercise.

The remedy has been discovered by an Indian doctor, Siddharh Kumail who works at AIIMS. After the death of his younger brother at the age of 33 because of obesity, Dr. Kumail devoted himself to research and came up with this magic remedy after years of hard work which is now trusted and tested.

These are the capsules made up from African Berries found in Congo. These were used by African hunters while going on hunting as they kept them energized. When tested by Dr. Siddharth Kumail, it was found out that the fruit has medicinal qualities due to which it converts body’s fat into energy almost instantly, hence increasing our metabolism. Dr. Kumail tested the berries on himself for the first time and later collaborated with MIT scientist Peter Molnar to test it on others. Results showed that 97% of the patients lost almost 15 kgs in 30 days.

The capsules that Dr. Siddharth Kumail built from the fruit are now called Nutralyfe Garcinia. It is producing satisfactory results in the patients all over.