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Dharm Dass

Working with Maruti Suzuki | Posted 18 Dec, 2018 |

Is Naseeruddin Shah correct in slamming Virat Kohli for his bad behavior?

Ajay Paswan

Physical Education Trainer | Posted 18 Dec, 2018

I think there should not be any question of correct or incorrect raised in this, because what Naseeruddin Shah did was to express his views about a person through a Facebook post, and Facebook does give us this much freedom of expression. Morally as well, there is nothing wrong in speaking your mind out.

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Also, when Virat Kohli can speak and do whatever comes to his mind on the pitch, in the public, and in front of the camera, why can’t others?

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And it’s not that he has spoken something wrong. His words might have been exaggerated, but the point that he wanted to make is accurate. Kohli indeed is one of the world’s finest batsmen, but his behavior has been unbecoming quite a lot of times. We all know how much he gets heated up during the matches and is all abuses and middle-fingers. He didn't even leave cricket fans when they made a general comment of other cricketers being better than Indian cricketers. That dilutes his sportsmanship to a great degree. 

The recent match between India and Australia witnessed another heated up Virat Kohli moment where he ended up arguing with the Australian captain Tim Paine, and the umpire had to get in between. Paine had to ask him to keep his cool after he didn’t listen to the umpire. 

Now, this is the impression he leaves on his fellow cricketers: 

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And those fans who say that aggression is needed to fight Australia, please know good players need to learn how to show aggression through their game and not through their mouth. Dhoni is a living example of that.