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Siddharth Singh

Blogger | Posted on | Education

Is ncert enough for neet?


Mechanical engineer | Posted on

It is really good if you prefer studying NCERT rather than the other publication but studying ncert alone doesn't give you the assurance of getting through NEET.
Since you are a science student so you might be knowing the number of questions and the time alloted to complete them. So skipping that part what i mean here is....
Studying NCERT thoroughly will ensure that you know each and every concept but….
NCERT don't have MCQs to practice those concept

So here you have to refer other publication

NCERT doesn't contain shortcut methods or so called Tricks to complete a question in minimum time so again you have to refer books published especially for the exams like NEET.

NCERT doesn't have explanation of many things. e.g.Many derivations in physics are so brief that you don't have any idea how you got the next equation.Many reactions in Chemistry are just mentioned as a single step when in real the reaction contain 3–4 steps…whereas in NEET you will be asked questions one of those intermediate step so here Ncert doesn't help you buddy. You have to refer other books to study for NEET.

Here, I am not saying that NCERT can't get you through Neet but my motto is that NCERT alone isn't enough…!!!
Because exams like NEET & JEE are to test your in depth knowledge which could be gained only if you study various books for strengthening your base.
Also for practicing your concept you better go with those Modules provided by institutions like Aakash & Allen because they contain every single type of questions which could be asked in NEET.
And getting govt seat is an another long story of Hardwork, Concentration, Dedication, Strong Concept and Memorising.


Blogger | Posted on

Yes! off course. Only going through NCERT Biology of class 11th and 12th will bring you good score in NEET if it is done properly. NCERT Biology is enough to get good score in NEET, only there is a need to read it deeply.


Blogger | Posted on

NCERT books are the finest materials for studying NEET preparations. And since NEET's 2020 syllabus is based on Class 11 and 12 NCERT syllabus, the primary subjects being Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Therefore, NCERT book subjects should be carefully reviewed by applicants preparing for NEET. Toppers are saying that they all are followed the textbooks of NCERT purely. Candidates must go through NCERT books carefully that form the basis for any issue.

 Which other books for NEET preparations can be chosen?

NCERT books certainly give NEET an outstanding head start. NEET is an objective type paper,

However, and learners must exercise MCQs. For better preparations, aspirants can refer to the books below for NEET other than NCERT.

These are some of the objective books to crack NEET for Biology parts other than NCERT that learners may prefer to crack NEET. The topic of biology in the examination includes Botany and Zoology questions. Candidates preparing for NEET need to verify both Botany and Zoology's significant books.

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Educator/ Work from home Search Engine Evaluator. | Posted on

Letsdiskuss Even after couple of years of commencing,  NEET is not a friendly exam module to most of the students in our country. Every year there is chaos around NEET exams. And CBSE disappointed both the parents and students in the way they are conducting the NEET.

NEET exams'  designs  are based on NECRT books. 70-75 % questions are coming from NCERT books only. And NCERT books are very good in explaining the concepts. If we understand the concepts then the preparation will be easy. NCERT books are in simple knowledge. So they are easy to understand.

Yes, NCERT books  are enough for  NEET in some subjects. But you have to refer other books also for some subjects. But NEET is conducted as a Multiple choice question exam. So you have to refer those type of questions to get top ranks.

Biology - For biology NCERT book is more than enough . But you have to go through it for 4,5 times during the last months before NEET. There is no need for you to study biology throughout the year. You can score up to 310 by studying only NCERT biology. You can refer Akash study material for extra marks.

Physics - For physics you thoroughly understand the concepts if you go through NECRT books. But for NEET exam you have to refer books like concepts of physics by H.C.Verma, and Fundamentals of physics by Halliday ,Resnick and walker.

Chemistry - For organic chemistry NECRT book  is not enough.  You can refer books suggested by your coaching centre. You can refer physical chemistry by O.P.Tandon, Organic chemistry by Morrison & Boyd.   But for inorganic chemistry NCERT books are sufficient.


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