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Suresh Tamrakar

Travel | Posted 11 Oct, 2018 |

Is nepal safe to travel ??

jeffrebel home

Blogger | Posted 13 Nov, 2018

Yes absolutely. As far as being concerned about theft or robbery, you dont need to worry much but you have to be a little careful. It is equally safe for ladies as it is for gents. You will not have problems with things like eve teasing or gaining unwanted attention. You may wear any sort of clothes of your liking and according to the climate, the society is pretty open minded given that you do not walk in a bikini or half naked. As for weather and climate, the hills are cool , the flat lands humid and hot and the mountains are dry, windy and cold. So, you have to dress accordingly. Nepal is a hospitable country.

The cuisine leaves you savoring the taste forever. People are friendly and very very very warm. You will not have a language problem, almost everyone here understands basic English. If you are concerned about natural disasters, the only thing that might take place is an earthquake and avalanche in the mountains due to it. And all of us know, such things are enevitable. Nepal relies mostly on tourism industry and agriculture for its economy. Hence, tourists are treated well. There will be no discomforts . I hope you found this reply useful.

Marisol Corazon

Travelling Blogger | Posted 15 Oct, 2018

Safety is a major concern for travelling to almost any hill station, but millions of people still visit them and return with the best of experiences and memories. So if you are careful enough, and vigilant enough, and adventurous enough, Nepal’s terrain will be welcoming you with a promise for your safety.


Nepal is known for being the birth place of Gautam Buddha and home of the majestic Mount Everest. Apart from these two things, its terrain and topography never fails to tempt adventure tourist to go on a trek on the hills of Nepal.

Be it for an adventure trip, or for a comfort trip for family, Nepal will not disappoint you. You just have to keep certain things in mind:

• Read your country’s travel advisory before visiting Nepal. In May 2018, many countries had issues travel advisory against Nepal due to some political tension there. Make sure it is not the case when you visit the country.

• Take proper care of hygiene as the tap water there is majorly untreated. Try using bottled water for drinking purpose. Also, be aware while having fruits and vegetables washed with tap water.

• Don’t go to the hills for sight-seeing without a guide as the woods and mountain areas can be tricky and getting lost or injured is a real risk.  


• Same goes for when taking the flight tour of Mount Everest.

• Before visiting Nepal, try learning their basic etiquettes so that you don’t offend the locals in anyway. Always greet the ones older than you with a “namaskar” as done in India and avoid wearing revealing clothes.


These tips followed, you will be all set to visit Nepal and experience something to be cherished for lifetime.