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Naresh Dhewa

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Is nit manipur worth joining?


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NIT Manipur is another NIT however it is above what a large portion of the individuals expect about it without knowing anything about its excellence.It is the best among the new NITs in the upper east . 


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Joining NIT Manipur

You get to have the NIT Tag.( which has a lot of privileges)
People from all over India will be studying with you
Manipur which is part of north eastern india has many natural beauties to witness and you could learn about a new culture.
Manipur is a backward state and you don't get to have the basic amenities , like if you want to take gate coaching or if you want to learn any new computer software there aren't any good institutions to join.
It isn't among the top NIT's therefore the infrastructure and the education might not be up to the mark.
It is your decision now to make a call.
All the best. :)


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