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Suraj Singh

Digital Marketing Executive | Posted 05 Apr, 2019 |

Is online casino illegal?

Leroy Lambert

@Leroy | |Updated 12 Nov, 2019

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Ashish sharma

@digitalmarketer.blogger.contentwriter | Posted 16 Oct, 2019

Yaa gambling is claimed as a bad habit by many in all different countries but they forget that its the person who is playing is the one who is responsible.

It was banned in some countries and India is one of them but here it is available in Goa because it is only legalized in this state only according to the gambling act of casinos can be played on floating water.

And also because it generates high revenue for the government so its upon government.


Posted 24 Apr, 2019

Yes it is 

Vikas joshi

Sales Executive in ICICI Bank | Posted 08 Apr, 2019

 It depends on and changes from place to place. One thing which is certain is that the industry makes a lot of money. Online gambling started in 1994 and earned a revenue of $200 million in 1997.
Currently, online gambling makes $1 Billion annually.

Talking about the legality of Internet gambling and casinos, it is legal in countries like Canada, the Caribbean, and the countries of the European Union. It was legal in the US till last year, but a report in January, released by the Department of Justice made all the online gambling activities illegal.

online-casinos-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: iPleaders Blog)

If we talk about India, the status of online casinos is neither good nor bad. This means that the encompassing activities are neither banned nor allowed. You can have an authentic online gambling site if you have all the necessary certifications from the Government of India. The practice is legal in most of the Indian states.

Indian online gambling is so popular that it is emerging as a big market since recent years.

If we compare the scene of online gambling and casinos in India and the USA, the laws are stricter in the States now. There are many examples where gamblers have been prosecuted for practicing such activities within the boundaries of the United States. In India, however, such examples are very few and they usually don’t make it to the surface.