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Rahul Mehra

System Analyst (Wipro) | Posted on | Education

Is there any career which is interesting, unconventional, and pays well?


Thinker | Posted on

Your question reminds me of the movie Three Idiots and the movie reminds me of its narrator, Farhan, who wanted to be a wildlife photographer. Don’t worry I’d not advise you to become a photographer like many others, because it is the I think, one of the most clichéd unconventional career option people are adopting these days. A paradox, I agree, but that’s how it is.

Well, coming back to the point, I want to take your attention to the profession of Forestry and wildlife conservationist and activist. It’s a known fact that various exotic species are facing the danger of extinction from the face of Earth. Both the flora and the fauna is vulnerable due to increasing practices of Urbanization.

The nature, henceforth, needs a wildlife and forestry conservationist now more than it has ever needed. The range of posts differ from being an entomologist, forester, range officer, or a curator. All you need is love for nature and wildlife, and a tough attitude to bear the conditions you would find in the forests.  



Physical Education Trainer | Posted on

Indeed, the conventional career options are the things of the past. New generation is far more imaginative and creative, and does not want to restrict itself to the boundaries set by the previous generation. Engineers and Doctors are not the only professions for you if you are a science person. Likewise, for someone interested in humanities, the options are lot more than just being IAS and a research scholar. And if you want to explore the options for Commerce, the field offers many different careers.

Given below are some unconventional careers which you can think of pursuing. They are as interesting as they are well-paid:

• Photographer: If you are good at seeing the same old stuff with different new angles, and capturing them through lens, this job is for you. Photographers, these days, are needed by various firms, especially in entertainment industry. All you need is the knowledge of correct angles, correct lights, and correct mood. With these, you would be more than ready to capture the world in your camera.

• Curator: If you like collecting the objects of your interest and exhibiting them, you can think about becoming a curator. Research for arts and artifacts and contribute to the cultural heritage in the most interesting ways. You can get a well-paid job in some or the other museum where your interests would be valued.

• Chef: Gastronomical industry is experiencing a rapid growth and each day people are coming up with something innovative to add to your platter. If you also like experimenting with spices and flavors and treat cooking as a subtle blend of art and science, this profession would suit you the best.

• Gaming: AI is about to invade our lives universally and gaming as a profession is one of its many contributions. If you have watched the movies like Big Hero 6, you’d know how bright the future of gaming actually is. People are crazy about video games like PubG, Mimi Militia, and Clash of Clans. You can explore your talents in developing video games.  

• Ethical Hacking: Here is where you can explore your forbidden talents that have grown with technology. If you possess a good knowledge of coding n various computer languages, you can be hired by any big company.

• Pet Grooming: I don’t think much needs to be said about this career option. If you fall for animals every time you see them, you can get to pet a lot of these creatures and get paid for it. Yes! You’ll be Hagrid in your own right!

• Wine taster/Sommelier: This falls under hospitality and tourism industry. Being a Sommelier just needs you to be expertly familiar with all the wines and their tastes, so that you can judge them for your patrons. 



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