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Sher Singh

Social Activist | Posted on | Science-Technology

Is there any logical reason why Polo mints have a hole in the center?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

There has been many urban legends as to why polo mints have a hole in the center. Sadly, none really confirms the answer with utmost confidence. So, the definite answer is yet to be known as to why. 

But if I were to speculate, here are few of the reasons that I would tell:

• It’s a good marketing tactic: No candy or mint have such unique design. By punching a hole in the middle, the makers managed to distinguish the product in the crowd and create a separate identity. And the fact that we’re here talking about it shows just how effective their marketing tactics turned out to be. 

• That’s how machines made it: Back in the days, manufacturing equipment wasn’t as advanced as they are today. So, to intact the size and shape of the mind, the pill press was designed to that it punches a hole in the center without breaking the mind. So, yeah, luckily that’s how the machines made the polo mints; there weren’t manyoptions. 

• It’s a copy of competitor: In the early days, the most popular mint was “Life Saver”, whose shape was like a round life-saving inflated tube. Polo just copied this competitor. 

• Cost cutting: Imagine there’s no hollow in the middle of the mint. It would look really small, won’t it? So, the manufacturer thought to put a hole in the middle. This would increase the size of the mind—but without increasing the material used to make it. Genius way of cost-cutting, right?

These are 4 reasons I can come off as to why holes in polo mints exist. I don’t think there’s any scientific logic behind the shape and size.