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Brijesh Mishra

Brijesh Mishra

Businessman | Posted 02 Apr, 2019 |

Is Yogi Adityanath right in calling the Indian defense forces as Narendra Modi’s defense forces?

adiz connect

adiz connect

manager | Posted 07 Apr, 2021

he is best 

Vipul Rajput

Vipul Rajput

@blogger | Posted 12 Feb, 2020

Yes, I think he is right. There is no wrong thing in this.
Mayank Gupta

Mayank Gupta

@Mayank | Posted 02 Apr, 2019

This has come just when 10 days are left for 1st phase of voting to start for general election. And this battle of words and blatant expressions would go on to woo the voters. It's  quite simple way to woo the rural and emotionally weak voters by invoking in them a spirit of nationality and patriotism. 

If you analyse the speeches of Amit shah, Modi, Irani, Yogi and all BJP members after the air strike on Pakistan by the brave Indian Air Force pilots you will see they are using the fame and bravery of the Indian Army just to polarise a group of people. 

You won't find even a single rally in which air strike is not mentioned, in which the avenge of our soldiers is not talked about. This is the mind boggling technique to attract the voters especially when you have full media control under you (experts at war mongering debates) Even if the Congress would have been in power it would have done the same thing.

Now coming to your question, from the point of view of the BJP this is absolutely right to call the Indian defense forces as Modi's forces because it is all politics and everything is fair during war and elections. But to put it on a factual and ethical ground, it is so uncanny to say so. This way YOGI is trying to say whatever modi wants he can do with the Army (meaning thereby he is the commander of Army). In other words you are defaming the Position of the President who is the supreme commander of all the forces. 

Taking the credits of URI attack and now this Air strike BJP wants to put an image in front of the people, had MOdi been not the PM, there would have been no avenge taken by our Forces which is a false propaganda of the yogi and his group. Defense forces know their job and will do that at any cost no matter who is in the power. So just don't get emotionally taken off by the speeches of these politician. 

Yogi is calling the Army as modi sena, but modi never bothers about the army (if you know about the video of the Army man showing the pathetic conditions of the food being served to army). So this incident itself puts a mark on his leadership.......
Ramesh Kumar

Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | |Updated 21 Sep, 2020

What I know is, the Indian defense forces are not the forces of PM Modi. They can’t be.

The Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Yogi Adityanath has commented, in a public meeting in Ghaziabad, that Congress used to serve Biryani to the terrorists but Modi’s forces are serving them bombs and bullets. The UP CM is being criticized everywhere for this statement.

Is Yogi Adityanath right in calling the Indian defense forces as Narendra Modi’s defense forces? (Courtesy: Moneycontrol)

Indian forces are the forces of India. That is the forces of every Indian. It doesn’t belong to any one politician. The kind of words Yogi Adityanath has used to refer to the Indian Defense Forces is the example of flattery and sycophancy.

Every Indian prides in the bravery and excellence of Indian Defense Forces, but calling country’s forces as belonging to one politician is nothing but shameful. In fact, I think Mr. Adityanath should apologize for his irresponsible words. It is very unbecoming of a person sitting on the seat of Chief Minister to give such statements.

Even the retired officials of the forces have called the statement problematic and offensive on social media. According to reports, the forces have taken to the matter to the Ministry of Defense.