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Major Travel Scams to Avoid


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When you are traveling and are in an unknown place, getting duped by the locals is very common. In fact, the natives always have something or the other in store for those who don’t know their way around the region.

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If you have ever been a first-time traveler, there are chances that you fell for some scam, no matter how big or small it was. After all, things are difficult when you are new to everything around you especially when there are present others two take advantage of it.

So here’s a guide to tell you some major travel scams so that you can spot them before falling for them.

1. If it’s too good to be true, it actually is not true.

It’s a classic one and probably you have heard this one already if you are a frequent traveler. But as the rule goes, the list of major travel scams start from here.

If you are being offered anything which seems extremely cheap to you or something which has come to you as a happy surprise, like a very cheap hotel or bus ride, chances are very high that it’s just an illusion.

The only way to prevent yourself from falling into such a ruse is to get acquainted with the average prices of the needful stuff beforehand and deal only around that price.

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2. Being passed on the wrong bills

This also happens quite often, and even with those who have some experience with traveling.

When you are in a rush while taking change, you are passed on the wrong bills of the same colors. People passing on such money just hope that they get away from you before you notice that you have been scammed.

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3. Vehicle Scam

You rent a bike or a car, and when you return it back, you are demanded to pay extra charges. The owner puts in front of you a list of damages that have been caused by you, and that comes as a surprise to you.

It is because you don’t remember causing any damage to the vehicle.

The only way to avoid this is to be cautious while renting the vehicle and gain knowledge about each and everything.

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4. Closed accommodation scam

The taxi drivers insist that your accommodation has been closed and they will show you some other place to stay (they may take you somewhere they are getting a commission for bringing customers from).

In such cases, be firm on your choices or bookings. Even if they insist multiple times, go there and check for yourself.

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5. The psychological games

This one also is a classic. You would meet an over-friendly local, or someone claiming that his relatives are from your home-town. They will then try to win you win some unnecessary hospitality so that you are socially obliged to return them a favor.

These are the psychological tricks used by many store owners and shopkeepers to make their stuff sell.

All the best while traveling the next time.


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