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Kunal Kankariya

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Many developed countries using ballot paper for voting why not india?


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Before change to Electronic voting machines (EVM)s, we also used ballot papers only. But as the trend is for digital and paperless work environment, we adopted Electronic voting machines.  The reason for India using EVMs,

while developed countries using ballot paper for voting are:-


•    Compared to developed countries, voting population in India is very large. In 2014 itself 814.5 million people were eligible to vote in India. And 930,000voting booths were installed. If India used ballot papers, the counting and declaring of results would have taken more than one week.

•    There is no concept of booth capturing and rigging in developed countries. Even if the Electronic Voting Machines were manually damaged, we can count the vote in EVMs.

•    The number of invalid votes in ballot paper election was more in our country. It was reduced dramatically when we used EVMs.

•    Ballot paper elections require more papers. As our country have 930,000voting booths, we need huge amount of paper. So environmentally it is better to conduct election in EVM method.

•   In EVMs, It is easy to save the data after election, as it is saved digitally.

•    Because of our population we need more people to conduct elections. But in EVM method, minimum people are needed to conduct election and for counting. So it is cost effective.

•    It is easy logistically. We can transport electronic voting machines safely than ballot papers.

•    Risk of accidental damage is less in EVMs.

On the other hand Electronic voting machines can also be hacked.  But it is a risk which can't be avoided.


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