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Ram kumar

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Name some important innovative products which are disappeared from use in the last 10 years?


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change is the only thing which never change. I am writing this with the help of keyboard and with my fingers on it. In a year the keyboard may disappear as the researchers in the software industry innovated a device, using that we may type in the air without a keyboard. So change is inevitable. We are not using the same things which we were fond of in earlier days. Some of them are not in use now. So let us see some prominent products or service disappeared from use :-

· Telegrams, post cards, inland letters and air mails. Before computers came in to eat our time, post office was the only place of communication and letters and mails were the only way of communication. Even while writing this, mails word is shown as wrong by Microsoft word and it suggests me to write emails instead of mails. That is 21st century for you. Emails replaced all your physical communication tools and post cards and mails are vintage now.


post card

· Audio and video cassettes - Video cassettes were boom to us when we were kids, as we could watch movies any number of times at our home . Audio cassettes were the only way of entertainment on those days that too of a newly released movie . Definitely we don't get the satisfaction these days while watching the newly released songs in you tube.

Audio and video cassettes

· CD & DVDs - After the rainy images and worn out video cassettes, then came the CD &DVD era with crystal clear prints. Now rarely you can see CDs & DVDs , as you can watch movies even in your 6 inch mobile phones.


· Alarm clock - Even in villages people are using their mobile phone in place of alarm clocks.

· Physical maps - When you can use Google maps easily from anywhere and can find any place on earth, why anyone will carry physical map? So it is also almost vanishing.

· Radio - Hardly you will see physical radio as a device . Online Radios and iTunes in Iphones, tunein, sawan, Gaana etc in smart phones and computer replaced that nostalgic radio of our generation.


· Fax machines - Scanner has replaced the big fax machines in offices.

· Old camera with film rolls - Digital camera and smart phones took the place of old cameras and film rolls are rare to find nowadays.

Apart from these products some places are also cease to exist. Public pay booths or STD booths, Typewriting institutes, cassettes recording center, CDs rental shops, books lending library are some of the places which are rare to see these days.

Apart from these the fore most thing which we have lost is time. we are ignoring the real world friends and spending our time with virtual world friends.