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3 frequently asked questions about Computer Science Engineering

Nayan Yadav

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The introduction of computers in India during the ’90s took the country by storm. It generated great interest among students to learn the various aspects of computer, and thus resulted in the creation of a whole new engineering branch - Computer Science Engineering.

Today, a lot of top engineering colleges in Kolkata or elsewhere offer this course, as it has become very popular among engineering aspirants. However, students often ask what is in store for them and what does their future hold after graduation.

To cover these doubts, here are the 3 frequently asked questions about Computer Science Engineering in India.

1. What is computer science engineering

Computer Science Engineering is the study of software applications and hardware technologies. It aims to blend in software coding with practical components of electrical engineering. Let’s take a detailed look at Software Engineering and Hardware Engineering.

Software Engineering - Software Engineering in an application of Computer Engineering that aims to develop software for commercial use. With the help of coding, you will be taught how to design, implement, test, and document the software. Software Engineering also has great use in cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is posing to be a great challenge in India and the country is starting to notice the lack of cybersecurity professionals. Therefore, making it one of the fast-growing fields a software engineer could choose to make a career in.

Hardware Engineering - Ever wondered how seamlessly your mobile or your laptop works? Well, it is down to Hardware Engineering. It aims to develop, design, test and produce computer systems, as well as manufacture various other components for computer systems. With advancements in technology, the scope of Hardware Engineering has expanded to integrating various devices for the functioning of the entire business system. Hardware Engineering is also useful in the fields of mobiles and robotics.

2. What’s the scope in India?

Computer Science Engineering has a massive scope in India. There are various IT companies in India that are always on the lookout for computer science graduate every fiscal year. With the quality of placements improving in most engineering colleges, you can expect to get a very good package early in your career.

The average salary ranges from Rs 4-8L, depending on the college and the company. With Indian companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro and Oracle, and international companies like Google, Microsoft and Apple come to recruit in the majority of the colleges, a Computer Science graduate in India has a bright future ahead.

3. What kind of job profiles can you expect?

After graduating with a B.Tech in Computer science, you can expect various job profiles pertaining to your field. Here’s a list:

●Front-end Developer
●Back-end Developer
●Full (MEAN) Stack Developer
●Systems Engineer
●Assistant Systems Engineer
●Assistant Systems Trainee
●Systems Analyst
●Data Architect
●Software Engineer

Hope your queries have been successfully answered. If your interest lies only in software, check out the various computer science colleges in India.

By choosing Computer Science Engineering, you have stepped on the right career path. Seize the opportunity and place yourself in one of the best companies in this country. Happy learning!