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3 unconventional career choices for science students post 12th

Nayan Yadav

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After successfully passing their 12th standard exams, the most popular career choices amongst science students are engineering and medical. They are lured by the prospect of a stable job gradually leading to a great salary. However, everyone’s not cut from the same cloth. Some students develop different interests when they get to college. The open-minded culture of a college introduces them to new people from all streams. They hear about different career choices and evaluate their own options. So, when students decide to pursue an unconventional career path, it is out of pure interest and the thrill of taking a risk.

There are a number of unconventional career choices that students can choose. Let’s take a look at 3 of them.

1. B.Sc. in Hospital Management

B.Sc. in Hospital management is a 3-year undergraduate course that specializes in hospital and healthcare management. Hospital management encompasses leadership, management and administration of hospitals, hospital networks, and healthcare systems. This course equips students with the knowledge and skills to carry out various administrative operations and coordinate with other hospital activities.

The course is suitable for those candidates exhibiting good leadership and teamwork skills as they have to work in various group projects. These projects will also require a critical and analytical approach to problem-solving. To maintain the data and write a report on these projects, students should know the use of spreadsheets and be able to write essays. They should be able to handle the pressure and complete projects before the deadlines.

By studying this course from a good hospitality management college in Kolkata or elsewhere, you will find work opportunities in hospital, public health departments, nursing homes, etc. If you land the role of a hospital manager, you can climb up the ladder to be a CEO after gaining considerable experience. You can further opt for a master’s program and do research work.

Some of the well-paid jobs are:

●Administrative Officer

●Hospital Administrator

●Hospital Manager

●Sales Manager

●Facility Manager

●Floor Manager

●Centre Manager

●Associate Professor

2. Forestry and wildlife

If you are extremely passionate about wildlife conservation, a career in forestry and wildlife is just for you. You will be required to pursue a B.Sc in Forestry to make a career in this field. After graduating from this course, you as a forest manager will be tasked to manage forest resources through the application of bio-techniques with the aim of sustainable utilization. Apart from that, the government is always open to introducing new ideas to preserve our wildlife. This creates many work opportunities and many wildlife officials to meet.

Some other career options in Forestry are:



●Wildlife Journalism

●Wildlife Historian

●Vet or Biologist

If you wish to pursue further studies, you can opt for M.Sc in Forestry.

3. Law

At some point of time, you must have been gripped by a courtroom trial. It could be in a TV show, movie or a real-life event. Looking at that, science students must have wondered if they are allowed to pursue a career in law, which is polar opposite to the stream they have chosen. Well, good news! They can pursue a career in law.

To pursue a legal career after 12th, students will have to appear for various entrance exams which will make them eligible to undertake a 5-year integrated course like BBA LLB. Some of the top law colleges in Kolkata or elsewhere accept scores from several entrance exams.

Legal careers are well-paid jobs. Job opportunities are available in various sectors. You can be a lawyer, business consultant, legal advisor etc.

These are some of the unconventional career choices a science student can choose from. They are many other options as well. The ideal thing would be to follow your heart and strive hard for the betterment of your career. All the best!