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4 reasons why you should opt for MBA in Finance

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An MBA in Finance focuses on key subjects like economies, planning, accounting, investments, analysis of the market, taxation, costing, etc. Being one of the major MBA specializations, opting for Finance opens doors in various sectors like corporate finance, banking, real estate, investment services, etc.

It’s safe to say that a career in finance is very lucrative. But there are many other reasons to opt for an MBA in Finance from one of the best MBA colleges in Maharashtra. Let’s take a look at the four of them.

1. Demand in all industries

Finance isn’t limited to any particular sector. Without proper financial planning, businesses will cease to exist. Thus, students graduating in MBA in Finance are in demand in all industries. Graduates can opt for careers in financial planning and advisory, corporate sales, trading and analysis, asset and risk management, taxation, and personal finance among other things. By accumulating enough experience, finance managers can explore various options like consultancy to various organizations or advising the government on policy making.

2. Occupy a leadership role

An MBA in Finance teaches students about statistics, economics, leadership, and market situation. However, a subject that stands out among all of them is strategy. Companies hire finance manager so they can lay down strategies to move forward financially, depending on the market situation and the predicted forecast. Thanks to their ability to strategize and analyze, they occupy a leadership role within the organization and become lucrative assets to their company.

3. Provide financial stability

The market situation can never be linear; one moment up, next moment down. To guide through such a turbulent market, companies need the expertise of a financial manager. By opting for an MBA in Finance, financial managers develop business acumen to understand the market. The skills that they acquire in your B-school are useful in sailing a company away from potential danger and maintain financial stability at the same time.

4. Handsome Salary Offers

There are a variety of lucrative career paths in the area of finance. Some of them are:

● Accounting Manager

● Chief Financial Officers

● Cash Managers

● Credit Managers & Specialists

● Financial Analyst

● Corporate Controllers

● Finance Officers & Treasurers

● Insurance & Risk Managers

● Treasurers and Finance Officers

● Management Consultants

● Investment Bankers

● Investment Banking Associates

● Investment Sales Associates and Traders

The average pay package for a graduate with an MBA in Finance ranges from Rs 7-10 LPA and can go up as high as Rs 20 LPA. By accumulating more experience, your pay package will be double of what you were earning at the start.

Thus, these are some of the reasons to opt for an MBA in Finance. For the betterment of your career in terms of position and pay package, a master’s is vital. Hence, it makes total sense to opt for an MBA in Finance from one of the best MBA colleges in Pune or elsewhere, so that you can gain an edge over others.