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5 clever tips on how to avoid wedding preparations

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Not all brides and grooms believe that the wedding should be official and pompous. Some newlyweds prefer to simply sign. If wedding preparations scare you, months of endless stress and searching for a dream wedding dress ... if you're already on the verge of a breakdown - don't worry! There is another way.

Dream Wedding Dress

If you're tired of going to popular stores and classic white wedding gowns , act like Carey Bredshow from the movie Sex and the City. Choose a simple modest dress that you really like and fits. It should not be official, designer and even white, if you do not like it. This is your wedding. And you have the right to choose your wedding dress by yourself, the bride.

Do you need witnesses?

In fact, to sign the registry office , witnesses are no longer needed, so if you do not want, you can not invite anyone to this position. But if you have witnesses, let them get dressed in a free style.

Is a bachelor party mandatory?

If you do not like to be the center of attention, give up this idea altogether. But if at the same time the very idea of ​​a bachelor party tempts you, gather your closest friends in a cozy cafe, warn them in advance that you do not want any entertainment program, and especially no strippers. Or just go to a nightclub, so you have good fun and you will definitely avoid organizational moments and participation in various competitions.

Minimum preparation for the wedding

Not everyone starts preparing for the wedding for the year. You can plan a small holiday even for a month. Book a date in the registry office, choose a place or place in nature where you and your fiance would like to celebrate a wedding. Ask a friend to photograph, use your own music if you do not want to invite a DJ, and make your own wedding invitations . So you have fun with the guests in an informal setting.

Make a holiday just for yourself and the groom

If you are not doing a pompous wedding, you can save money and time, which is usually spent on preparing the details. And instead of running around the bridal shops, plan a trip to the Crimea, Egypt or to India just for the two of you. There, alone with each other, you will definitely feel that now you are one.

There are no specific frameworks and obligations related to the wedding now, so if you feel that mass feasts for 200 guests are not for you, give up this idea and arrange such a wedding as you want.

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