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5 reasons why engineers should pursue an MBA

Nayan Yadav

@ Blogger | | Education

Students graduating with a B.Tech degree from the top engineering colleges in Kolkata get placed in IT companies with a technical job profile. Their on-job experience makes them highly skilled in that particular technical role. After that, they can either extend their stay in that company or move on for better pay. But after a while, their career plateaus. In that case, students have two choices depending upon their interests:

1. Research, which would mean pursuing an M.Tech.
2. Management, which would mean pursuing an MBA.

A career in management would mean that engineers will combine their technical knowledge with their management skills in a techno-commercial role. It will be helpful in the long run.

Let’s take a look at the 5 reasons why engineers should pursue an MBA.

1. Develop managerial skills

If you aspire to take up a managerial role, you have to learn certain skills for it. In an MBA, you will learn about human elements in business. Concepts like communication, human resource management, time management teaches about leading a team of individuals with different traits.

2. Understanding the business

To be a good manager, you will have to know what your business is about. You have to learn about its intricacies to be successful. Also, your problem-solving approach will be put to test. So far, as an engineer, you have solved software-based problems. Those problems will now shift towards human-related. An MBA teaches you to be efficient in your approach.

3. Boosts your corporate career

A lot of IT companies require managers to have a blend of technical and management skills. Since they will be leading a team for various projects, it is always an added bonus to be in the know. Also, you wealth of knowledge means you can be fast tracked to a supervisory or visionary roles. For an engineer without a management degree, the growth is awfully slow.
4. Improve your salary

There is a stark difference between the salary of an engineer with and without an MBA degree. Being a manager gives you added responsibilities. For shouldering those responsibilities, you will be highly rewarded for it. An MBA will help you fast track career in terms of your profile and pay package.

5. Personality development

An MBA degree opens up your personality, especially introverts. You will have to daily communicate with your team about work progress, daily reports and client information. Also, your communication skills will come in handy when you have meetings with clients. You personality will shine that way you conduct that meeting. An MBA degree makes sure you are confident in your speech and in your abilities.

Hope you got an overview of what an MBA is about and why you should pursue it. If you are a student looking for an undergraduate course that will help you in a career in management, check out the best BBA colleges in Kolkata. All the best!