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5 Rice Cooker and Electric Cookers in India 2019

Darsh Kumar

@ Digital Marketing | | Food-Cooking

An electric rice cooker is now making its way in the kitchen as a must-have home appliance. With the convenience and efficiency in cooking, they are now preferred by many Indian women. Let’s have a look, what exactly are these rice cooker? How much the rice cooker online price is?

Rice Cooker- preferably known as a rice steamer, is a piece of electrical equipment made to boil or steam rice. Consisting of heat source, thermostat and a cooking bowl, making most energy-efficient equipment.

How does rice cooker work? The basic principle of this pressure cooker is thermostat and cooking bowl. They work together ensuring that rice is boiled or steamed without overcooking or burning. Here are a few points to be noted-

• The thermostat measuring the amount of the temperature of the cooking bowl at any given point of time. The cooking bowl holds rice and water. This helps to control heat

• When the cooking starts, the rice and water mixture is given sufficient heat or energy at full power

• The water is absorbed by the rice and some of it is boiled off just like the traditional method. After the water is over, the boiling continues and when the temperature rises, the thermostat trips off

• After the thermostats trips, the pressure cooker goes off and indicating rice is ready

Top picks of rice cooker in India

As many may not know the best pressure cookers and price associated, we, apnidukaan, here do it for you. We have figured out top 5 rice cookers in India 2019. This will assist you in choosing the correct model that fits your requirements.

1. Panasonic Automatic Cooker with Steaming Basket 1.8L (SS) (SR-WA18H)

This rice cooker is not only energy efficient but also gives you a wide range of functionalities such as steaming, idli cooking, momos, steaming fish and veggies. With a great look and finish, this cooker can do multitasking without giving a lot of attention.


• Automatic cooking

• After cooking it keeps food warm upto 5 hours

• Extremely durable polycarbonate steaming basket

• Anodized aluminium pan

• Comes with cooking plate

• Raw capacity-0.9 litre

• Easy to clean after use

2. Prestige Rice Cooker PRWO 1.8-2

Prestige Rice cooker features the ability to deliver not only the rice but also the cook most of the meals. This cooker has functional features like speed cooking, keeping food warm and automatic controls.


• Provided with additional cooking pans, measuring cup, rice scoop and close fit lid

• Provided a keep warm mode to ensure food stays warm after food is cooked

• Easy to carry around. Provided with the detachable power cable and the quality handles to the cooker so that the food can be carried easily

• Steam vegetables, cook porridge, soup, pulao, stew and idlis with this 700-watt electric rice cooker

3. Philips Electric Rice Cooker - HL1665/00

Another best-chosen rice cooker in India, the brand that you can buy without any hesitation. Fully automatic functionality, this cooker has an additional starch separator plate ensuring the rice is well-cooked grain-by-grain.


• Comes with auto cut-off option

• Big plus point is that this cooker can cook all types of rice.

• Occupies a small space in your kitchen, convenient for most users.

• Has Auto Keep Warm Function

• Provides auto cut-off option

• Includes: Rice cooker, Starch separator plate, Measuring cup, Ladle and Power cord

4. Bajaj Majesty RCX 1 Mini Rice Cooker (White)

Perfect choice rice cooker, if you are looking for a cheap and stylish cooker. This has an all-in-one white body, good-looking unit and user-friendly controls. Best for small families!


• Bajaj Majesty RCX 1 Mini 0.4-Litre 200 W Multifunction Rice Cooker (White)

• Functions: Cooking, Steaming, Soup Making

• Rice Cooker, Nonstick Inner Pot, Mains Cord, Measuring Cup, Plastic Steam Tray, Rice Scoop, User Manual

• Cool Touch handle

• Low power consumption

• The lid has steam vents

5. Borosil 650 W Electric Rice Cooker and Steamer (Black)

This is a fancy electric rice cooker that makes your cooking simple, easy and accessible. This is worth of money. It performs extremely efficiently and brings out quality food with perfection.


• Retains the nutrition of rice

• Keeps the rice fresh for 12 hours

• Has a very fancy look to it

• Product is easy to clean

• Nonstick machine

• Product has a 1-year warranty

• Spillover prevention vent helps to cut off the mess

• Includes an electric rice cooker, a plastic cup, a plastic spatula, a plastic steamer

There are many more brands in the market such as Singer, Black + Decker, Preethi, Havells, Russell Hobbs, Eveready and many more. The basic idea of this article is to guide and help you to make your rice cooker purchase easy. At Apnidukaan, we have a wide range of pressure cooker at a competitive price. To avail the unmatched deals and discounts, visit Apnidukaan.com.