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Akansha Verma

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6 Tips To Prevent Acne And Pimple for Women


There can be different causes of the skin condition Acne (also called as Pimples). When the oil glands (sebaceous glands) of the skin become overactive, they cause excess secretion of sebum (skin oil) and inflammation of the skin pores, which may also result in acne. Certain bacteria may be the cause of the growth of these outgrowths or may worsen the condition. Dust, grime, environmental pollutants, and chemicals may clog the pores of the skin and may result in skin pimples and acne.

As we can see, there can be both hormonal (androgenic) as well as environmental reasons for the growth or worsening of acne. Apart from these conditions, genetics has also been found to be responsible for the condition in some cases. When you are suffering from acne, your looks are spoilt and the confidence level is reduced. This is so because acne mostly occurs on face (while they may get formed on other skin areas as well). This undesired outgrowth may also be a cause of social embarrassment and hinder your performance indirectly in professional and work scenarios.

It is therefore very important to prevent/reduce/contain the acne and pimples. While doing so, you would be able to prevent other diseases and skin issues as well, which may occur when you do not take the preventive steps earlier. Fortunately, there are certain tips, methods, and even products available that can help you prevent acne and pimples or reduce their frequency or growth.

Wash Your Face Twice A Day

To prevent the formation of acne, it is important to remove the dirt, grime, pollutant residues and other kinds of substances from facial skin, as these clog the skin pores and do not allow the skin to breathe properly. Some women may also have oily skin, and it becomes important for them to remove excessive oil secretions to prevent acne. You should wash your skin twice a day to ensure that it remains clean. But while doing so you should not use an alcoholic facial cleanser. The harsh chemicals in a chemical face cleanser for women or men can further deteriorate the skin condition and worsen acne. You can also use the makeup remover cotton pads or the 100% organic muslin wipes safely.

Know The Skin Type You Have

Some skins can be oilier than the others, which mean that there are greater sebaceous secretions in the skin of certain individuals and women. Oily skin types face the condition of pimples more. This is so because excessive oil will block the skin pores. Knowing the skin type will help you choose the right kind of facial skin cleanser and products. For instance, those with oily skin should not choose facial cleansers with high moisture content as it may further block the skin even more and worsen pimples.

Use The “Spot” Treatment Measures

You do not have to take excuses from anywhere or hide in the toilet for treating your acne and for cleaning your facial skin now. Options for a facial cleanser for women include the new and much improved 100% organic Muslim makeup remover cotton pads and wipes that are available commercially in the form of packs and are being offered by leading, reputed and reliable brands. You can carry the wipes in your handbag and purse and can use them from time to time. This will ensure clean and healthy skin, which has lesser oil and dirt accumulations. The wipes will help you recover from the acne and pimple conditions sometimes.

Remain Hydrated

Studies have found that the secretion of oils and sebum from the sebaceous gland increases when the skin is dehydrated. Dehydration may also be the cause of skin redness and inflammation and take away the natural lustre of the skin. Therefore, you need to drink an optimal amount of water each day. For women, the optimal water consumption quantity for each day is around 2 to 3 litres of water.

6 Tips To Prevent Acne And Pimple for Women

Limit Your Makeup

Many women may do excessive makeup for covering their acne and pimples, which further deteriorate the condition and clogs the pores even further. These pimple triggering elements should be avoided. You should avoid the heavy foundation, greasy creams, and other chemically rich makeup products. Using the organic non-comedogenic products that do not block skin pores and are oil-free is better for preventing the outgrowth of pimples.

Avoid UV Ray Exposure

Sun rays contain the ultraviolet rays that may be harmful to the skin and overexposure to these rays may even result in skin cancer. Sun rays take away the hydration of the skin and therefore more oils are secreted, which subsequently triggers the outgrowth of pimples.

To avoid these conditions, you should not expose your facial skin to the sun rays, especially during noontime or in times when the sun is at its highest intensity and peak.

When organic treatments like the Muslin face cleanser for women do not suffice the purpose, you may also consult a dermatologist/physician who might provide to you certain antibiotics for treating acne. Remember that skincare is an everyday process. You need to be aware of the condition of your skin every day and take necessary measures regularly to prevent the growth of acne.

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