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9 tips on how to play a cheap wedding

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Well, your wedding is already on the nose, and the costs are so high that you and the pious are at risk of debt. How to play a wedding cheaply.

Discuss your wedding expenses together

First, discuss with your future husband what exactly he expects from a wedding celebration. Maybe he likes a quiet and modest ceremony , and you are planning a magnificent wedding. It is necessary to find some kind of compromise.

Suddenly you decide to have a wedding in nature, instead of renting a chic restaurant, but more money can be spent on the honeymoon. The choice of wedding expenses only for you!

Make a wedding budget

It is best to make a budget and stick to it constantly. In the world wide web you can easily find “wedding calculators”. They will help calculate the cost of a wedding celebration almost to the penny.

Save paper for invitations

Do not throw away extra money on the envelopes with invitations . It is better to use e-mail or regular postcards that you can hand over personally.

In the evening - in the honeymoon!

You can have a wedding day, and in the evening go on a honeymoon trip . This can save a lot if your budget is very limited.

Calculate the amount of wedding dresses

It should be noted that now it is quite possible to buy an original wedding dress at a low price. The main thing is not to be lazy to find a suitable version of the wedding dress.

Do not blow up the guest list

Check the list of invitees several times . Do not call on your wedding dozens of unfamiliar people - limit your family and friends.

What will be the place of celebration?

Choose a place for a wedding banquet, which does not require a complete transformation. Then you do not have to invest huge sums in the design and decor.

Bargain with those who provide wedding services!

Do not hesitate to bargain with suppliers of wedding services, because you can cool to reduce the price of renting a limousine and the hall, drinks and treats! Do not be afraid to negotiate with a wedding florist or, say, a hairdresser, and succeed!

Optimize the cost of choosing flowers for the wedding

Choose the right flowers - it is best to focus on seasonal plants, and not on those who are brought from afar.

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