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A Step-By-Step Guide To Using Your Dishwasher The Right Way

Darsh Kumar

@ Digital Marketing | | Food-Cooking

The dishwasher is a really good kitchen appliance as it is known to save your time and energy. Here is the step-by-step guide to using your dishwasher in the right way.

1. Observe the dishwasher as it varies from brand to brand and types- built-in dishwasher, free stand or an integrated one

2. Open the dishwasher to get to know the parts

3. Observe the soap space to know how much soap is needed. Ensure to make use of dishwasher soap only

4. Ensure that there are no dishes in the dishwasher after finishing the water

5. Open the bottom racks and check it

6. Take your dirty plates and prepare them for washing

7. Rinse the dirty plates before you keep them in a dishwasher. Scrape off the remaining food particles or excess food before placing them in the appliance. If the food is hardened, soak the dish in water for a couple of minutes. After the removal of excess food, keep the dish in the dishwasher

8. Place the dirty plates between the rack and pots, pans and bakeware around the other dishes. Ensure that the water sprayers are not blocked

9. Get the dishwasher soap and add it in soap space. Ensure to use dishwasher soap only and not the liquid one. And close the soap space

10. Close the dishwasher properly

11. Understand the dishwasher buttons and cycles. Dishwasher typically has 3 types of washing- light, normal and heavy wash. According to your requirement, click the button.

12. Select the dry wash- Heated dry, hot wash or hot starts. It is recommended to choose the heated dry. It is normal and green light will appear

13. Lastly, leave the dishwasher to do its work and you can relax for the next hour.

Here the steps of using the dishwasher in the right way. If you are willing to buy best dishwasher online in India, then apnidukaan offers a wide range of brands and models for dishwasher.