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A wedding with your own hands or through an agency?

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  1. Wedding organization is an art that requires considerable effort, creative work and financial investments. There are two ways to organize a wedding - with your own hands and with the help of a wedding agency . Let's look at the pros and cons.

    Do-it-yourself wedding

    This option of organizing a wedding suggests that absolutely all organizational issues fall on the shoulders of the bride and groom or their parents.

    Pluses wedding do it 


    1. Everything will be exactly as you want - from the menu to the script, from the track list to the wedding competitions.
    2. Your wedding can be unique and inimitable, because its script you write.
    3. You will be able to control the whole preparation process and know for sure that everything is going according to plan.
    4. Save money on organizers by doing everything on their own.

    Handmade wedding cons:

    1. You will have to communicate a lot with different people - a photographer, master of ceremonies, restaurant administrator, stylist, videographer, driver of the motorcade. And also to coordinate them among themselves in time and space, in a word - to be an organizer
    2. Minor troubles of the preparation process will tire you long before the wedding date, and on your wedding day you will have to worry all the time about whether everything is done on time, everything is ready and everyone is happy.
    3. Ordering services from different people and in different organizations (dress in the studio, hairstyle and make-up - at the hairdresser, photographer in one studio, master of ceremonies - in another), you will not receive those discounts that can be with a complex order of services.

    Wedding organization through the agency

    This option of organizing a wedding celebration implies full confidence in the specialists from the agency. Of course, all your wishes should be taken into account, but, nevertheless, your wedding will be handled by specially trained agency staff.

    The advantages of organizing a wedding through the agency

    1. No worries and no hassle - you only give direction to the process, remaining a free person who is resting.
    2. All employees of the celebration - the toastmaster, musicians, cook, makeup artist and others - will work harmoniously and together, ensuring a well- organized holiday .
    3. Everything will be ready on time and as planned. No unforeseen situations and force majeure, no troubles.

    Cons of organizing a wedding through the agency

      1. The uniqueness of your wedding will be somewhat lower, because even taking into account your wishes, agencies work on proven and rolled back scenarios.
      2. Creative participation in the process of organizing your holiday you will not accept - all will provide the wedding agency
      3. The cost of marriage agencies is large enough.

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Let’s create a beautiful wedding contact : + 91 9940662455 wedding planners in Chennai