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Al Yalayes and Al Asayel Road, in Dubai; Opening that supports the economy.

Blog: Al Yalayes and Al Asayel Road in Dubai

waqar Munir

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Introduction and History 

Al Yalayes Road can handle the movement of 20,000 vehicles consistently. The Dubai Road and Transportation Authority will only present the main time of the seventh trading adventure on Saturday, the fifteenth of September 2018 to increase traffic movements by involving it to regulate 1. This effort is connected with the structure of the relationship between Sheik Zayed Road and Sheik Jalan Muhammad Bin Zayed improve the economy by sharing state profits by making associations in the midst of urban networks.

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The choice angle for economics

This will divert traffic movements in Al Yalayes and Al Asayel which will result in extraordinary business, easy to find after traffic regulations, will reduce traffic accidents and will make more inspiration for business adaptation. The following are the best favorable conditions, for the economic structure in Dubai.

• Once, when a country's system made it, it benefited traffic problems as well as open parts for various countries that considered a strange country to work together if formation was needed.

• This will reduce the threat of death which will result in security and increase public trust in government law.

• At least it is a point for business movement perspectives, good road arrangements and additions can make visitors from all over the world go home.

Reduce weight

Because this is a parallel road, it will reduce comparable weight, he concluded by bearing a balanced vehicle load, this can provide more space for people to use the track fundamentally by involving vehicle boundaries from other roads. Without a doubt, even people from so far come for the business of movement, it will open the door for visitors to sightseeing. The peak for climbing to Dubai is winter. In line with this, people hold their visit closely for Zenith sessions. The key inspiration that drives the start of this enchanting road is to facilitate visitors for the upcoming season from the shipping side. They will be more relaxed to continue their journey to SZR which will reduce the traffic on the track day and night. They even bring their vehicles or by renting vehicles in Dubai. They will relax in malls, resort parks, spas and restaurants. Anytime with skilled drivers with rental vehicles in Dubai, they can push their way. The standard goal of these roads is to give a ride to the business of movement and make Dubai a country that is ready to go in and out with the arrangement of the roads it passes.