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Animals That Are Extinct In India

John Mathew

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India had been the abode of many beautiful animals and birds. The animal kingdom classification is diverse in our country. It consists of animals from the simplest form to the most complex ones. But continuous hunting and poaching had reduced the number of many species. Most of the animals such as the great cats, one-horned rhinoceros, Ganges dolphins, purple frog, are on the verge of extinction. On the contrary, Dangs Giant squirrel and Aldabra branded snail are already extinct.

Let us have a look at the animals that are already extinct in India:

Indian Cheetah

Cheetah had survived in India for a very long time. It was known to be the fastest animal on earth. It was found in the desert areas of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Due to excessive hunting, deforestation, and loss of habitats, the number of Indian cheetahs reduced.  

Sumatran Rhinoceros

It was the smallest rhinoceros with two horns. They were found in the rainforests of India. They are no more found in India and can only be seen in the neighbouring north-east Asian countries.

Indian Auroch

It was found in the hot and dry areas of India. It was larger and heavier than any other domestic animal. It is known to be the ancestors of zebu cattle. The fossil studies revealed that they roamed in the Indus valley and Ganges valley.


It was a 7 feet giant beast, first found in India. The name is derived from Lord Shiva. It was the fastest animal in India then. It became extinct 8000 years ago.


It was found in the ancient coastline of India Plate. It was an aquatic mammal, carnivorous in nature.

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India had lost a wide variety of animals mainly due to human interference. Humans snatched away their homes by cutting down the forests for their personal profits. Lack of space and food led to the extinction of these wild species. Also hunting of wild animals for their hides and skin for commercial purposes led to the extinction of animals in India.

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