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Blockchain technology going to change the world

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Blockchain technology A revolutionary storage method that makes manipulation from the outside virtually impossible. The blockchain technology allows a variety of previously impossible or unpractical activities. In short, blockchain is a new way to store information. You can think of it as a single virtual big book owned by users of the Blockchain network. The Blockchain is the supreme enemy of the bureaucracy. By using intelligent contracts, sections of code that automate manual processes, blockchain can eliminate middlemen from many traditionally complex tasks, such as buying a home or sending money abroad. In the case of the Internet of Things, we need a blockchain accounting system. Banks will not be able to handle trillions of transactions in real time.

Blockchain technology makes it difficult to manipulate data. Everyone can access the database to record transactions. All can act as supervisors through this transparent and open mode. Which data changes are easier to read and more secure than traditional Internet technologies

There can be no transaction without being captured in this system. This is a common way of recording. The popularity of Blockchain is mainly due to the development and success of the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. A story is associated with each block of information.

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