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Budget Wedding: Top 5 Options

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Of course, a wedding is an expensive event. Therefore, many couples continue to live in a civil marriage, postponing the legal marriage further and further. No money for a big celebration? In this article we will talk about what an economical wedding is and how to hold it.

Wedding together

Do you need guests to celebrate the creation of a new family? Elegant dress, bridal bouquet, wedding photographer and romantic dinner alone. On the one hand, this will make your wedding more solemn, and on the other, it will be a celebration only for you two.

Save on a wedding banquet, wedding photography (less time - less cost), at the leading and still a huge number of various wedding expenses.

Groom + Bride + Close

If you absolutely cannot do without guests, because there are relatives and friends who will definitely want to share this solemn day with you, then leave everything, as in the previous version, by inviting relatives only for official registration in the registry office.

Do not forget to make sandwiches and champagne for guests or order a buffet table in a cafe or restaurant.

Save on a wedding banquet (the buffet will cost you much less), wedding photography (again, less time), partly on the design of the wedding and leading.

Economical subjects

Arrange a tourist wedding celebration or a picnic wedding. Come to the registry office in jeans and t-shirts, and organize a banquet in the form of a hike in the forest or a fun picnic in nature. In this case, traditional wedding elements will be inappropriate, and therefore no need to spend money on them. Everything is much more modest, but at the same time more soulful.

Save on wedding florists, leading (ask him to play his role as a friend who knows how to play the guitar) and wedding dresses.

Home wedding

Everyone has already lost the habit of home weddings, but nobody has canceled them. If you, parents or friends have a big apartment or even your own house - feel free to celebrate the wedding celebration there. Of course, in this case, you will not invite more than 100 people, but if you have planned a budget wedding, then the list of invitees will be reduced to a minimum. That's how you get a cozy, but economical wedding.

Collect girlfriends and relatives, distribute duties and prepare a festive table on your own. Let this option is already outdated, however, such a wedding party will be much more comfortable and more soulful than a regular wedding in a restaurant. Save on a leading, wedding photographer and wedding banquet.

Wedding = Journey

Why not combine an economical wedding with a honeymoon? Moreover, the list of countries where you can formally register a relationship officially, is growing every year.

You do not need to invite a lot of guests and arrange a magnificent celebration, just arrange a modest romantic dinner and walk around unfamiliar places with a camera. Save on leading, wedding party and honeymoon.

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