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Choose and Buy Cooktops That Fits Your Cooking Style

Darsh Kumar

@ Digital Marketing | | Food-Cooking

To make delicious food for your family, then you need to have the cooktops that fit your cooking style. With many things like best cookware sets, to spices and modern appliances, cooktops play an important role too. To start with, a cooktop is an essential part of cooking. There are different types like as electric, gas and induction cooktop to name a few. Choosing a cooktop depends on your cooking styles and budget.

Let’s have a look at different types of cooktops available in the market:

1. Induction Cooktop: This enters in your family as the kitchen essential part. It works with the principle of electromagnetic induction. In this type of cooktop, the ceramic plate is covered in the magnetic coil. When the cooking pan or pot is placed on the plate of the cooktop. It produces eddy current to create the heat in the cooktop. Here are a few features to be noted for Induction:

• Provides the specific amount of heat to the base of the pot or pan and avoid unwanted heat loss

• Cooking will take 50% lesser time compared to the gas top

• More energy efficient in terms of gas and electric cooktops

• Safety- induction cooktop has no flame on its top and thus no gas leak

• Therefore, touching stovetop won’t burn your hands

• The responsive control panel can be easily be adjusted to achieve the desired temperature, better performance and precise heat control

• Cleaning is not at all the tedious task with this type of cooktop. Cleaning is never a big deal, as the burning of the top is next to impossible. Swiping with a sponge is more than enough to clean up if there is any spill

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2.Gas Cooktop: In India, Gas cooktops are very popular and also cost-efficient compared to the electric and induction one. The gas top is the best control over the heat providing fast cooking. Gas tops are mostly preferred to cook food in a traditional way. These cooktops do not depend on electricity.

• The gas top has precise temperature control

• Temperature changes can happen immediate

• Any type of cookware can be used without damaging burner

• Can find the gas tops in a variety of size

• One time installation needs to be done like joining pipe to the cylinder or to gas pipeline

• Cost depends on what kind of gas top you purchase. From stainless steel to toughened glass gas tops are available in market

• The operating cost of the gas cooktop is less compared to electric and induction cooktop

3. Electric Cooktop: This works on electricity. The electricity heats up the cooking pot placed on the top of the cooking top plate. These are not fuel-efficient compared to the other two types of cooktops. In India, this cooktop is not as popular as the other two are. In this kitchen cooktop, safety issues are faced and cause problems when you have children around.

We have mentioned the advantages of cooktops, but the cost is the big deal. Consider your requirement and then purchase the cooktop. Apnidukaan offers a wide range of cooktops with unmatched deals and discounts on induction and gas top from top brands and their make and model.