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Clean Wool Carpet by Following 5 Simple and Steps

Austin Baines

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You need to take care of it to keep it looking great for years. In case of a stain, it needs to be taken care of immediately else it may be too late; but any ordinary cleaning products cannot be used on wool. So, you need to make sure that you’re using the suitable one. If you have young children, you may not want to have wool carpeting in your house as it may become more difficult to maintain its beauty.

Follow the steps below and get to know, how to clean wool carpet.

Step I

To keep your wool carpet looking good, vacuum it on a regular basis with an upright vacuum. If possible vacuum it at least weekly, if not more. Because of the way wool carpets are designed, dirt particles tend to get deep inside the wool. Hence, vacuum in small strokes to remove dirt particles entirely. Also, make sure that the vacuum bag is not more than half full. Vacuuming regularly is the first key on to how to clean wool carpet, until and unless there’s a stain to be taken care of discretely.

Step II

If there’s a mark, then address it right away to avoid any enduring mark on your carpet. Dab the stain with a paper towel to soak up it as much as possible. However, if the stain is solid in nature, then remove it as much as you can by using a dustpan.

Step III

In a cup of warm water, mix 1 teaspoon of dish washing liquid. Do not put the solution straight onto the wool carpet, rather put the cleaning solution on a paper towel and tenderly apply it to the stain.

Step IV

Next you need to wash the area with a clean cloth or towel and warm water. Make sure you don’t apply too much water, as it may result in mold growth underneath the carpet if the carpet doesn’t dry fast and completely.

Step V

One way to dry up your carpet is by placing many paper towels on the wet area with some weight on top. Keep checking it from time to time to see if it’s no longer wet. Replace the towels as needed. Once your carpet is dry, fluff it up with your fingers to restore the texture.

In following the steps above, you get the easy answers to how to clean wool carpet effectively. It is also advisable to get your wool carpet cleaned from professional carpet cleaners Melbourne once in a couple of years besides regular maintenance at home for optimum care.

Baking soda is also considered an effective, natural product answer for how to clean wool carpet. Just cover up the stain on the wool carpet completely with baking soda for it to absorb the moisture. Vacuum the wet baking soda and make a fresh application for it to further soak any left moisture. Repeat the procedure until there’s no more moisture left for the baking soda to absorb.