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Designer Long Kurtis - Perfect Blend of Style and Elegance

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Indian women love to wear traditional clothes. Indian traditional clothes include saree, salwar, kurtis, lehengas etc. Women look good in these clothes. Kurtis is now used by most women nowadays. Women no longer stay back at home and manage the household only, they are now working at the offices and workshops. Wearing good clothes makes them feel empowered. The latest Kurt pattern is designed in such a way that women feel comfortable wearing it in workplaces.

Kurtis is found in different styles. Some are short while some are long. Designer long kurtas are loved by women of all age groups. Here are some of the latest ways in which women can now wear the long kurtis that will make them look gorgeous.

• Kurtis with bright dupattas - Designer long kurtis of light colors can be worn with bright colored dupattas. Using bright dupattas makes the Kurti pattern look beautiful and elegant. One can wear this Kurtis for different purposes.

• Kurtis with palazzos – Nowadays, long kurtis are worn with beautiful palazzos. Palazzos are available in solid colors that look very elegant with designer long kurtis. This new trend has presently occupied the entire market. The palazzos are also available in print patterns. These patterns have become very famous these days.

• Kurtis with cigarette pants – The designer long kurtis can also be worn with the cigarette pants. These pants are available in solid colors. So one can use either the same color of the kurta or contrast colored pants also gives an elegant look. It provides a classy look for women.

• Kurtis with ankle length leggings – angle length leggings are the new trend in the B-town. It gives a modern look to the designer long kurtis. The leggings are available in various prints and color combinations. One should use either same colored or contrasting colored leggings with this kind of long Kurti pattern for a stylish look.

• Kurtis with a jacket – Often jackets of different kinds are worn over log kurtis. This gives a very decent and beautiful look to the person. Different kinds of jackets can be used for example patchwork jackets, jeans jackets etc. these jackets are found in both full sleeves and half sleeves. These can be used both during summers and also during winters.

The Kurti patterns have changed a lot in the past few decades. It provides a lot of comfort to the person wearing it. The long kurtis are created from various materials like cotton, chiffon, satin, creep etc. the long kurtis are very stylish and are very easy to carry. It makes Indian women look gorgeous and classy. The designer long kurtas have different styles and can be worn by women of all heights.

Women can use different kinds of jewelry with them too. Starting from simple earring to heavy jhumkas can be worn with the designer long kurtis. Apart from these, one can also use heavy junk jewelry with the designer long kurtis. Clothes completely depends on a personal style statement and their choices. One must never compromise with their comfort zone and wear those clothes in which they are comfortable.