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Do not let the guests get bored at the wedding!

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You have already planned a photo session and decided on the place where it will be held. And what will the guests do at this moment ? Be sure to think in advance how friends and relatives invited to the wedding pass this break. Some practical advice in our article, what entertainment for guests to offer.


We recommend organizing a culinary master class for guests during a photo shoot for newlyweds . Participants could learn how to cook new and unusual dishes, and then taste them with a friendly company.

Arrange a culinary rather easy. In most restaurants, chefs are only happy to share the secrets of their skills.


Another great way to switch the attention of guests is to hold several interesting contests or one big game stretched in time.

Competitions that require serious preparation should not be arranged, because girls in narrow skirts and high heels are unlikely to want to participate in the run with obstacles. Before you arrange any competition , be sure to relate it to the wedding dress code.

Intellectual battle

It is best to dwell on some intellectual quizzes. Warn the presenter in advance that there will be such a competition , and do not forget about the prizes, because the interest of the guests must be stimulated with something.


The most popular entertainment for guests lately is quests. Let the young people in advance hide some surprise for the guests, who will be looking for him, performing special tasks. Do not forget to take all this on the way and take pictures on the camera .

But it should be remembered that such entertainment will suit only young people. Parents , for example, at this time can learn to make original flower arrangements under the guidance of an experienced florist.


An excellent and fairly simple to implement option is to organize a joint viewing of a soul movie for guests or take a trip to a modern art gallery or museum.

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