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Gulmarg. A Perfect Summer Getaway

Tarun K

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Gulmarg is nestled in the scenic Kashmir valley and surrounded by hills on all sides. It is an amazing place that is blessed with celestial beauty. It is also one of the favourite hotspots of adventure tourists. Apart from enjoying the natural beauty, tourists can indulge in various adventure sports. If you are looking for travel destinations to explore this summer, pick Gulmarg. Read the following post and find what activities you can do there. Find all about the major tourist attractions in Gulmarg.

Popular Tourist Attractions in Gulmarg:

1. Kongdori:

Kongdori is a highly popular tourist attraction of Gulmarg. This is also home to the second highest cable-car in the world. The place is visited by millions of people every year. You can enjoy the marvellous views of Gulmarg and Khilanmarg with the Gondola Rides. They snow-capped mountains everywhere and you, hanging on a few cables, right above them. the experience is simply awesome.

2. Alpathar Lake:

It is located right at the foot of Apharwat Peak. However, this is not for the faint-hearted tourists. The place is accessible after a trek of one day from Gulmarg. The ethereal beauty of the lake and surroundings are simply too amazing to be left out. Depending on the weather, the lake can be in the frozen or semi-frozen state. The lake waters are liquid only for a few months in summers.

3. Khilanmarg:

This is another gem of a tourist attraction that is located near Gulmarg. The place is visit-worthy in winters as well as summers. During the summer and spring season, the valleys become carpeted with vegetation. The wildflowers line the floor of hills and valleys. The meadows become heavenly. This is one place in India where you can have your own ‘Twilight’ moment. The epic meadow scene in the movie gives the other-wordly vibe. We have given you one more reason to explore Gulmarg. So, just grab the best JetAirways promo codes 2019 and get, set & go!!

4. Ningli Nalla:

Welcome to the abode of lady winter! The place becomes a winter wonderland with high mountains enveloped in snow. In the winters, the vegetation appears and makes the whole place fragrant. From wildflowers to trees stretching into the deep blue skies. it is beautiful.

5. St. Mary’s Church:

This is a place from another century. It is more than 100 years old church that has Victorian Architecture. It is located near the Golf Course in Gulmarg. A small church is perched atop a hillside and seems out of some foreign place. The place is surrounded by mountains and green pastures all around.

6. Gulmarg Biosphere Reserve:

This is a must-visit place in Gulmarg. Apart from enjoying the beautiful wilderness of Himalayas, you can witness some rare species. The rare musk deer and snow leopard are some notable mammals. The place is also a crucial stop for the migratory birds. You can spot many different varieties that are simply lovable. Even in winters, the place is visit-worthy.

7. Golf Course of Gulmarg:

This is the longest golf course in India with 18 holes. This is also the highest golf course in the world. Since 1911, when the British started playing Golf, the place has been loved by the Golf players. The place was formally inaugurated in 2011. The rolling green grounds with the mighty Himalayas looking over them are heavenly.

Some other popular tourist attractions in Gulmarg are Tangmarg; Baba Reshi Ziarat; Ferozepur Nallah; Kanchenjunga Museum and Strawberry Valley. Apharwat Peak is also a scintillating beauty that you can explore. Now, let us have a look at the tourist activities you can enjoy in Gulmarg.

Gulmarg Tourist Activities:

Gulmarg offers many opportunities to relax and unwind. Scenic nature tours and relaxing meadow walks can be enjoyed everywhere. The adventure lovers can enjoy trekking, mountain climbing, forest trails, camping, gondola rides, skiing and many other such activities. The winter sports are one of the best things that you can enjoy here. You can also enjoy boat rides and other fun activities. Children’s Park is an amazing place to spend time with kids.

Gulmarg is an adventure that leaves a lifelong impression on you. So, pack your stuff and enjoy savings with the Go Air offers.