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How a B. Tech degree will help you lead a successful career

SIT Pune

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Engineering has always fascinated the students in India. It is one of those rare fields, which empower individuals with industry-relevant skills and expertise required in the corporate world. This is why several students enrolled in one of the best engineering colleges in Maharashtra or elsewhere.

Are you wondering if you should pursue a B. Tech degree and lead a career in this field as well? The following pointers will help you decide.

1. Job satisfaction

The aspect of engineering that attracts students the most is the power to innovate. They get fascinated by the day-to-day uses of engineering applications like mobiles, vehicles, computers, etc. Hence, after graduating as an engineer, the opportunity to work on a project and create something is exciting. If you are willing to invent something unique yet beneficial, this field is for you. Here, you won't only have job satisfaction but personal fulfilment as well.

2. Scope

Whether it is computers, mechanical, electrical, or civil, an engineer will land a good job in this country. In fact, with the rise of the IT industry, top companies are always on the lookout to recruit computers and electrical engineers. These companies pay handsomely. The same applies to mechanical and civil engineers.

3. Salary

The average starting salary of an engineering graduate ranges between 4 lakhs and 7 lakhs per annum, depending on the college and company. However, once you gain experience, your CTC is just going to increase. Within a few years, your salary can touch as high as 12 lakhs per annum.

4. Further studies

Since B. Tech is a 4-year course, it will allow you to study abroad. This is because it fulfils the criteria of 16 years of education. You will not only complete your master's programme from an international university but also experience a new country and possibly work there.

These are a few reasons why is B.Tech degree a good career option for you. In case you want to lead a career which offers room to grow, innovate and study abroad, you should search for the best B.Tech colleges in Pune or elsewhere. A good college will equip you with the right knowledge to work in the ever-evolving industry today.