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How can Sentiment Analysis help to deliver splendid Customer Service?

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Thea Lewis

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Usually, those companies enjoy a strong brand image that understand customers’ sentiments. This is fundamental because you can only take care of customers’ needs by only identifying what actually they feel about products and services. In a nutshell, it is imperative to have real-time insights about customers’ sentiments to meet rising expectations related to support service. Here, sentiment analysis comes into the picture.

Sentiment analysis, driven by algorithms, predicts emotional states (positive, negative or neutral) of customers by analysing a certain piece of text, voice inflections, etc. Reputed vendors like call centre UK use sentiment analysis algorithm in order to deliver first-rate customer support services.

Here is how sentiment analysis works:

Customer raises a ticket → Artificial intelligence analyses the text expression → Business rules are triggered based on customer state → Context-based support service gets delivered.

Have a look at the below-mentioned pointers that will tell how sentiment analysis help to deliver splendid customer service:

1. Helps to understand customers

At the present time, most of the specialised customer care service providers rely on sentiment analysis because it tells how customers perceive the brand, products, and services. Consequently, this helps customer service representatives regarding how they should proceed during support interactions.

The importance of sentiment analysis cannot be underestimated because if you understand customers’ emotions, you will automatically analyse their pain points in a much better manner. Hence, the probability of providing unparalleled solutions snowballs.

That’s why reputed inbound call centres rate sentiment analysis so high.

2. Ensures the deliverance of personalised customer service

Do you know why most of the business owners avail customer care services from call centre UK? No? ‘To deliver personalised customer service.’ In today’s customer-oriented era, offering personalised solutions is no longer an optional choice for those businesses that wish to keep customers’ loyalty for a long time period.

Owing to sentiment analysis, support agents know about the feelings of customers before entering into a conversation, and this helps the former in delivering personalised customer service experience.

By means of sentiment analysis, furthermore, support agents can easily deal with any complex situation like assisting irate customers. This factor is important because if support service reps already know about the mood of disgruntled customers, it would be very easy to diffuse the anger of the latter. Besides maintaining the CX levels, this prevents arguments or unnecessary back-and-forth, which as a positive aftereffect, saves a significant amount of time.

3. Aids support agents to improve productivity

Reputed customer support service providers like call centre UK always train support agents in such a way that ensures the deliverance of impeccable solutions during customer interactions. Even, support agents also try to put their best foot forward in order to live up to customers’ expectations, but sometimes fail to do so. This not only makes the CSAT score unstable but also lowers down agents’ morale. From the business’s perspective, this isn’t good at all.

Here, the prominence of sentiment analysis increases as it helps support agents to overcome all the hidden problems by providing insight into customers’ mood. Owing to this, support agents get empowered to deliver empathetic customer service. This lifts their productivity levels and strengthens the brand image.

So, if you are operating the customer service department and willing to leave no stone unturned, you must make use of sentiment analysis as reputed inbound call centre service providers do.

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