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How can we build a strong relationship with customers?

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Managing your relationship with your customers is crucial in ensuring continuing loyalty towards your brand. Roping in new customers is no small task. It is several times more costly to bring in new customers than it is to retain existing ones. So you need to employ every strategy to achieve this, including providing excellent customer service.

At inbound call centre services, good customer service is all about turning interactions into opportunities to build solid customer relationships. Call centre outsourcing services companies go through a large volume of calls and they focus on some core ways in which they develop successful customer relationships:

1. Get to know your customers: It is important to know why they buy from you. Customer profiling and analyses of their buying patterns will give an insight into what makes them tick.

2. Get to know your customers’ preferences: Surveys, polls, questionnaires – Engage customers in your business and get their feedback. Customer complaints and reviews will help you understand where you lack in services and what you must do to meet their expectations.

3. Keep customer contact details handy: Emails, phone numbers, social media accounts are all handy contact details that’ll help you keep in touch. But choose the channel that the customer would prefer. Knowing their interests or hobbies, special days, where they hang out on social media, etc. will give you ways to contact your customers, and send them a shout out now and then. The more you communicate with them, the more trust you build.

4. Good customer service: Provide good customer service through all channels. Focus on the quality of service you extend. It plays a big role in the way the customer perceives their relationship with you.

By building strong, lasting relationships with your customers:

- You will create goodwill for your brand

- Happy customers will promote your brand

- You will create new leads/customers

- Your customer-focused approach can engage and create happy employees

- You will lay down the foundations for long-term success

Customer relationships are built over time — slowly, but, consistently. If your business doesn’t provide what your customers are looking for, they will jump ship. It takes painstaking, attentive work to understand what your customers need, and provide good customer service at every touch point. Phykon is always for you regarding excellent customer service and inbound call centre services.